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The Empire State Building was the tallest building in the world when it opened on May 1, 1931.

The building was designed and built in 20 months.

Analyzing the design and construction processes used, it is evident that several LEAN principles were used during its construction, a quarter of a century before the LEAN concepts were formalized.




We are a Lean Manufacturing consulting services company leader in the sector, and our mission is to add value to our clients and share with them their company goals.
We seek to establish confidence and long term relationships with our clients, as our references endorse, to always be the first option to be thought of to approach new challenges in the industrial world.

Herramientas del electricista

Total Productive Maintenance 

Working philosophy around maintenance which reaches and emphasizes aspects such as : Participation, Total Effectiveness and Total Management System for hardware maintenance, from its design until its correction, prevention and prediction, going through autonomous maintenance.

Robot equipo

Lean + Industry 4.0 Integration

At Dit Consultoría we focus on the adoption of industry 4.0 tools to conform to Lean principles, and to be developed under a strategic plan that takes into account the culture of continuous improvement of the company, according to current competitive needs.

Los planes de construcción

Blueprints for New Plants

Layouts and dimensioned predesigns of new logistic and manufacturing installations, applying lean concepts for the optimization of material flows and process efficiency. Design first the process layout and then the building around (in the design of new facilities)  



Lean Manufacturing

The Lean Model is based on the Toyota system and proposes a set of techniques to design a system to produce and supply according to demand, with the minimum cost and a high flexibility.

Our core business: waste removal and flow creation.


3D Simulation in FlexSim

Computer modelling of a real production system in 3D. It allows industries to analyze and experiment with their processes in a virtual environment, which allows to make decisions that can improve the efficiency of the system at the minimum cost possible and minimizing risk.

fábrica de envases

Strategic Procurement

The objective that every supply chain must fulfill is to deliver the products to its customers with the level of service established and at minimum cost. In this line we help our clients to redefine their supply chain, based on total customer orientation

Herramientas, mantenimiento productivo total, maintenance, eficaz, autónomo, prevención
Robot, industria, 4.0, herramientas, lean, mejora continua, competitivo, adaptación
Plano, anteproyecto, drawing, autocad, dimensionado, layout, prediseño
Lean manufacturing, manufacturing, toyota, producir, suminstrar, flexibilidad, one piece flow, organización, logística
fábrica, candna de suministro, supply chain, entrega, productos, servicio


Automotive Auxiliary Multinational

coche, automóvil, automoción, diseño, ingeniería, fabricación, linea de montaje, optimización, fabricación, suministro

Engineering design, forming a team with the client, of cell-based silent manufacturing lines. Follow-up of the manufacture and start-up of the equipment. The supply logistics are integrated into the design and the supply is made to the Just in Time client.

Elevator Manufacturer Multinational

Ascensor, elevator, productividad, mejora, lead time, plazo, diseño, implantación, global

Design and implementation in the manufacturing plant of a project to improve productivity and lead-time reduction. The increases in overall productivity achieved in all European plants are between 25% and 45% and reductions in delivery times (OTD = On Time Delivery) have been over 30%.

Food Industry Multinational

alimentación, food industry, linea, fabricación, cambio rápido, mejora continua, SMED, reducción

Design and implementation of rapid change through SMED methodology in a manufacturing line with consolidated reductions of 60% and actions designed to reach 90%.

Semi Trailer Manufacturer

Camión en el paso superior

Design and implementation in the manufacturing plant of a project with the objective of improving productivity and reducing lead time. The productivity increases achieved are 35% and the Lead Time reduction accomplished was greater than 50%.




Establishment in Year 2000

International Projects

Projects Completed

Worked  in 200+ Factories and Companies


C/ Manzanares 4 28005, Madrid - Spain

Central Office:
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