The Empire State Building was the tallest building in the world when it opened on May 1, 1931.

The building was designed and built in 20 months.

Analyzing the design and construction processes used, it is evident that several LEAN principles were used during its construction, a quarter of a century before the LEAN concepts were formalized.

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The partners that we created DIT had express training with great specialists LEAN of the world leader in manufacturing on demand,

Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Japanese manufacturer of bullet train, aircraft parts, ships, large metal structures, public works machinery, etc., which allowed us to know LEAN Manufacturing Engineering detail solutions, (elegant and simple), that only the mind of the Japanese is capable of conceiving.

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The large number of times in the past we had to design from scratch, makes us not surrender to the problem No. 45 and we have maximum confidence that, working deeply on the root causes, the ideal solution will appear

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“Bottlenecks do not have to be managed, you have to break them”

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“Regarding our experience with Dit Consulting, both in Pamplona (Spain) and Livorno (Italy) we consider that Dit is a company with experience in Lean Production techniques in continuous improvement, with proven results in companies from different sectors, capable of presenting profitable projects with a pay-back less than one year.



“The Company and consultants of the DIT Consulting Group, have defined, directed and collaborated in different projects of Lean Organization and Lean Manufacturing, improving the processes, plans of implementation of the production lines of the Local Werke factories in Zaragoza (Spain), of machines in Zaragoza (Spain), lift doors in Melun (France), etc.



“In the collaboration with Casbega, Dit Consultoria: 1. Has demonstrated a very important capacity to adapt to the needs of the client. 2. Has had high presence in the facilities to improve, which allows them to know “in situ” the key problems and as a result result in an accurate diagnosis 3. It provides a good methodology of Lean Thinking.”



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