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Lean Manufacturing - Elevator Manufacturer (Multinational)


Design and implementation in the manufacturing plants of projects to improve productivity and reduce lead-time. The increases in overall productivity achieved in all european plants were between 25% and 45%, reductions in delivery times have been over 30% while improving On Time Delivery (OTD).

Series of continuous and radical improvement projects (Kaizen and Kaikaku) have been developed, adding up to over 20 years of CollaborAction.

Changeover Time Reduction - Food Industry (Multinational)


Design and implementation of quick changeover of the canning machines through SMED methodology in a manufacturing line with consolidated reductions of 60% and actions designed to reach 90%.

Engineering Design - Automotive Auxiliary Industry (Multinational)

Bajo el coche

We provided technical support to the client during the engineering design of the manufacturing cells to produce exhaust pipes. We were involved into the production start up phase until it was considered a consolidated process. We have designed the integration of procurement and production and design the Just in Time delivery. Results: productivity increase of 30%; 50% lead time reduction and stock in process as wll as 15% of area reduction.

Lean Manufacturing - Semi-Trailer Manufacturer 

Image by Nigel Tadyanehondo

Design and implementation in the manufacturing plant of a project with the set objective of improving productivity and reducing lead time. The productivity increases achieved are 35% and the Lead Time reduction is greater than 50%.

As a result of the results obtained, we continue to collaborate in the area of ​​customer services, ABC costs and design of new production facilities.

Manufacturing Plant Relocation - Household Appliances (Multinational)


Preliminary project to analyze the cost / benefit of moving a product and its production plant to another country.

Design of the transfer project, implementation and start-up of the manufacturing line, establishment of supply logistics and search and closing of agreements with local suppliers.

Supply Chain Optimization - Machinery Manufacturer

Maquinaria tela en la fábrica

Redesign and implementation of the complete supply chain in order to improve terms and costs. Manufacturing is on request and the lot unit is one piece. Contemplated processes: commercial management, product design, procurement, manufacturing and shipment. Lead time reductions greater than 40%, productivity improvement greater than 15%

Strategic Procurement - Furniture Manufacturers

Espacio de trabajo moderna

Analysis of the composition of the direct material expense, of the purchase requirements for production and of the supply markets. Establishment of differentiated strategies by purchasing family and reconfiguration of the supply base through the negotiation and establishment of new agreements. Improvements in purchase prices with a 12% reduction.

Redefinition of purchase and procurement processes, establishment of control system and creation of a new organizational structure.

Total Productive Maintenance - Food Industry Company (Multinational)

Zumo de naranja de fábrica

Spanish company in the food sector with an international presence wanted to implement autonomous maintenance, self-control guidelines in place and maintain the dynamics of work teams over time. For this, all the processes associated with quality inspection in a glass line (LV3) and the specifications of all the machines in the UHT line are analyzed.

With this, concrete improvement actions are generated in both areas, resulting in a reduction of the quality MOD and the reinforcement of the productivity increases of the production MOD, obtained in previous LEAN projects (Productivity increases> 20%; Reduction of change times> 25%; OEE increase in lines> 8 points)

Lean Manufacturing - Special Hardware Manufacturer

Proveedor de aluminio

Given the importance of short lead times in their sector, the client wished to reduce the lead time of the order-collection process in the main process families from 3 months to 3 weeks.

For this, the VSM (Value Stream Mapping) is raised, identifying a large number of opportunities for improvement throughout the process. As a result, a broad action plan and a roadmap divided into 7 projects were defined, which were implemented one after another. The results were reduction of changeover times by more than 30%, OEE improvement increments of more than 10% and creation of flow in 2 of the most important families drastically reducing the LEAD TIME of manufacture

Supply Chain Optimization - Casting and Machining of Wind Turbine Components

turbinas de viento

The client needs to establish a system as efficient as possible to obtain the necessary information both to carry out payroll and to obtain productive indicators. It is also wanted to reduce the process lead time that occurs from the order to the machining, as well as the industrialization process

A global structure analysis is carried out including: analysis via VSM- Brown Paper of Global Process Map, identification and prioritization of improvement opportunities. The actions to be carried out for the objective approach are defined.

The most significant results obtained were the integration of PLM with ERP; Industrialization and planning lead time reduction greater than 15% as well as an increase of  productivity of the Indirect Labor associated with these processes

Radical Improvement Projects - Seamless Tubes in Stainless Steel and High Nickel Alloys Manufacturer (Multinational)

sitio de construcción

The Client wishes to implement in each of its plants a dynamic of radical improvement projects that in a short space of time (less than 6 months) would improve the income statement.

For this reason, in each selected project, a mixed team is created made up of company members and DIT consultants, in which, after a period of analysis and diagnosis, action plans are launched with measures that have rapid implementation and a positive effect on the KPIs that have been defined to control the success of the project.

For seven years, every 6 months a radical improvement project per plant (3 plants) has been selected with an impact on productivity improvements of direct labor, OEE improvements, stock reduction or process lead time reduction. In short, an improvement in the income statement.

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