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Total Productive Maintenance TPM


Work philosophy around maintenance, which reaches and emphasizes other aspects such as (from design to correction and prevention):


• Total Staff Participation:
- Total involvement of management
- Teamwork: multidisciplinary groups
- Interdepartmental collaboration
- Close cooperation between operators: Production - Maintenance


• Total efficiency:
- Maximum availability of facilities
- Maximum equipment performance
- Highest quality produced


• Total Maintenance Management System:
- Effective corrective maintenance: records, spare parts and documentation
- Effective preventive and predictive maintenance
- Robust design oriented to make it accessible to maintenance


The main objectives for the implementation of a program to improve the maintenance of equipment and facilities are:

• Improve the availability of machinery
• Reduce the failure rate.
• Increase the operating rate of machinery.
• Give greater reliability and safety in the operational functioning of the machinery
• Define / optimize the maintenance of equipment and facilities
   - Preventive Maintenance
   - Predictive Maintenance
   - Corrective maintenance
• Redesign / modifications
• Improve group work
• Facilitate communication between engineering / production and maintenance departments
• Have an extensive maintenance database

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