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Jidoka and Poka Yokes


Jidōka (自動化) is a Japanese term that means 'automation with a human touch'. It allows the process to have its own quality control.

If there is an abnormality during the process, it will stop either automatically or manually, preventing faulty parts from advancing through the process.

Poka yokes
It is a mechanism or device designed to carry out 100% inspections during the manufacturing process, detecting any error, forgetfulness or anomaly committed in it.

It is a concept developed in the 1960s by the Japanese engineer Shigeo Shingo. The literal translation into Spanish is "error-proof".

Main features:
 - Simplicity: These are usually small devices, often simple and inexpensive
 - Efficiency: They act by themselves in each repetitive action of the process, regardless of the operator's performance
 - Immediate action: Feedback instantly when an error is made or detected

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