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Integrated management by processes


The fundamental objectives of the Integral Process Teams (Direct + Indirect Labor) are:
• Visualization of complete processes at the operator level
• Eliminate excuses as "the problem belongs to others"
• Make Direct and Indirect Labor work against specific objectives
• Link the indicators set by Management to the day to day of the factory
• Integrate incentives with global parameters of Added Value for Clients


As a consequence of the above, the teams will be made up of people from:
• Production / Maintenance / Quality in position / Procurement to line
• Programming and Production Control
• Critical suppliers
• Warehouse
• Production engineering
• Product engineering


The stages involved in the implementation of integrated management by processes are:
• Stage 1
- The team needs a strong leadership leadership
- The rules that will govern the Team must be understood
- The technical processes that will govern the LEAN operation required by the Line must be understood
• Stage 2
- The Team overcomes uncertainties and initial demotivations
- The Leader is releases decision capabilities
- Each member of the Team develops their role in an acceptable way
- The Team already act as a synchronized team in their usual work: production, format changes, 1st level maintenance, and online quality
• Stage 3
- The Team acts as a High Performance Group
- Each component of the Team acts as a member specialized in their tasks, which they carry out with excellence
- The Team implements important improvements without the need for external leadership

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