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Supply Chain


It is the GLOBAL SUM of a whole sequence of processes (of transformation or movement) in different centers, which make all the components / materials become a final product.


The integration of all the actors involved in the supply chain implies the improvement of the supply chain response and the elimination of non-added value times, which entails:
   - Drastic cost reduction
   - Increased reliability of forecasts
   - More agile response to the market


It is characterized by:
   - Breaking departmental barriers in the internal chain

   - Integration into the value chain taking into account suppliers and customers

With the following main benefits:

• General:
   - Reduction of global lead time
   - Reduction in customer response time

• Components and Raw Material:
   - Stock decrease in value
   - Reduction of Surfaces - Warehouse Volumes
   - Decrease in stock breaks
   - Improved Productivity of the warehouse workforce and supply
   - Reduction of handling costs

• Manufacturing:
   - Stock decrease in progress
   - Flexibility

• Expedition:
   - Decrease in Stock of Finished Product in value, area and volume (and marketed if applicable)
   - Decrease in stock breakage of finished product
   - Reliability of deliveries to Customer
   - Reduction of handling costs
   - Productivity improvement of warehouse workforce

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