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Traditionally, the study of the value chain focused primarily on the flows that materials followed, without paying too much attention to the corresponding information flows throughout the processes. On the other hand, an unclear perception of the total lead time was left, from the receipt of an order to its delivery, and its decomposition.

Value Stream Mapping is a visualization tool aimed at the subsequent application of Lean Manufacturing. It helps to understand and streamline processes through Lean Manufacturing techniques.

 - Provides a complete view of the operations carried out at the plant level, not the isolated process
 - Presents the total delivery time and how each stage of the process affects the deadline
 - Analyzes each operation by certain parameters set: process time, change times, number of operators, failure rate...
 - It takes into account the flow of materials, information and communication
 - Considers the inventory levels in progress throughout the process, including raw materials and final product
 - Seeks the improvement of the total process, not optimal isolated locations
 - It is usually used to identify points of improvement in the value chain and carry out future actions or projects within a Lean strategy
 - It can be used as a starting point to support Management, Engineering, Production, Planning, Suppliers and Clients to identify waste and its causes

The objective of using Value Stream Mapping must be to eliminate the NON added value in operations

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