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Visual control techniques

Impresión industrial

Visual control systems try to show the situation of the productive activity or information about the materials:

 - How: quickly and clearly, at a glance
 - When: in real time
 - To whom: at all levels: managers, operators, visits


   1. The control procedures used must be simple
   2. They make it possible to compare with defined standards, known and assumed by all
   3. It's about making it easy for everyone to identify abnormal situations


The elimination of non-added value operations by organizational means is sought, through simple rules and the application of common sense. It aims to serve as a warning of the normal or abnormal operation of the productive situation to the operators, managers and management involved in a certain process and allows to identify and solve the problem in real time.

Commonly used methods:
 - Warning lights
 - Alarms
 - Production indication board
 - Clocks / piece counters

 - ANDON panels

 - Beacons

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