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Our team of professionals with more than 20 years of experience implementing LEAN, are committed to providing concrete solutions to the needs of each Client in each of the stages of collaboration

During these more than 20 years, our Team has developed LEAN MANUFACTURING projects in Spain and in the rest of the world, working for Spanish and multinational companies from all sectors


Differential Aspects to our Approach

Previous diagnoses, at no cost to the Client, where the LEAN MANUFACTURING solutions specific to the specific problem of that Client already appear

Contribution of a large number of specific techniques of Lean Production System Engineering

Extensive experience in the implementation of continuous improvement through the corresponding Kaizen and radical improvement with projects of a few months that have a high impact on the income statement

Integration of Lean Manufacturing with: Management by processes / Key suppliers / ERP modules of materials - production - planning / Industry 4.0

Structured and proven methodology to achieve savings in purchasing, time to market, reengineering of supply chain processes

We teach Lean courses at the client's facilities, including practical sessions on Kaizen improvements, and VSM lifting (Value Stream Mapping)

How we work

We create mixed DIT Client-Consultant teams to approach the project and we train company personnel in our techniques. We establish and ensure the transfer of know-how so that the implemented measures are sustainable over time

After a first stage of analysis / diagnosis, we are able to develop together with the Client's team the following design stages necessary for each particular problem of the Client, always aimed at increasing the competitiveness of the Company

Our projects do not remain in mere recommendations, but go into further detail of the proposed solutions since we commit ourselves throughout the implementation and achievement of results (we seek that the solutions proposed have paybacks of less than one year and that the measures implemented have an clear positive impact on key business indicators)

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Ángel Rodríguez B&N.jpg

Ángel rodriguez

Project Manager

Raquel B&W.png

Raquel Pesquera

Senior Consultant

Juan B&N.png

Juan Cancho Candela

Managing Partner

Sergio B&N.png

Sergio Portomarin

Operations Manager

Emilio B&N.png

Emilio Bazan

I+D Manager

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