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Lean Production System

(Just in time)


It is defined as a production system that exclusively manufactures the product requested by the customer, at the time and in the quantities in which it is requested and at a minimum cost.


The manufacturing process always works from demand: no line, machine or process starts production if it does not have an order from the line, the machine or the subsequent process (drag or pull system). This way, stocks and storage space are minimized.


A JIT organization is developed through a set of techniques that help us design a system to produce and supply based on demand, with minimum cost and high flexibility. In a lean production system, stocks, delays and, ultimately, total costs are minimized. It is the way to improve service levels and eliminate the 7 Non Added Value operations.

The just in time system leads to:
 - Low-cost, quick-win improvements
 - Greater knowledge and responsibility about production processes
 - Processes focused on the end customer
 - Promoting a system for solving later problems. Continuous improvement
 - Autonomy of improvement teams
 - More reliable and useful information

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