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FlexSim® is a 3D simulation, modeling and analysis software used to understand and improve any system or process. It allows the plant to be adapted to new information technologies and the application of industry 4.0 techniques.


The 3D simulation of lean manufacturing is the computer modeling of a real production system. All relevant aspects (stock, assembly, transportation, production, etc.) are considered in the model, which provides results that facilitate decision-making to improve productivity at the lowest possible cost.


The need for optimization in the industry has never been greater due to the continuous increase in competitiveness in all sectors. Companies need to ensure that costs and resources are optimized to achieve profitability. Simulation is problem solving in a virtual environment without risk.


Our experience allows us to quickly understand your processes to simulate your current situation, identifying opportunities for improvement and, in a short period of time, simulate different future scenarios that help to implement the processes that add more value, reducing the time and cost requirements associated with real tests.


We can help build a dynamic computer model of your process and test what-if scenarios to see what works in the real world. 3D simulation allows us to understand and improve any system or process. Dit Consultoría helps you from taking data in your facilities, through the construction of the 3D model, to accurate predictions that will help you make the right decisions for your business.

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