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espera los planes del arquitecto

The implantation of a new factory has four main phases:
- Preliminary draft
- Construction and facility budget
- Official Project
- Construction and commissioning


The basic objective that a preliminary project must cover (both for a new plant and for a layout redesign) is to complete the first studies with sufficient guarantees and the sufficient level of detail so that the subsequent phases are carried out with minimal cost deviations and with deadlines closed.

In carrying out this type of project, it is common practice to execute the final project from the beginning, by means of a general Civil Engineering or construction company.


DIT Consultoría considers that it is essential to carry out, through a preliminary plan, the analysis and detailed diagnosis of the manufacturing and logistics processes, the current operating model and the necessary objective capabilities, with the criteria that have been defined in the strategic plan, to eliminate as much as possible different risks that will be exposed later.


DIT Consultoría recommends for the development of these projects the use of Lean Manufacturing techniques, which are universally applied with success and which optimize the efficiency of processes, manufacturing facilities, equipment, warehouses, labor productivity and reduce the maximum materials in progress and finished product.

This preliminary draft achieves that all subsequent processes in the final official project, such as the definition of the size of the plot, civil works, basic production equipment, facilities, warehouses, etc. are perfectly adjusted to the real needs, with the consequent saving of investments and an assurance of the project development term.


On the other hand, carrying out the preliminary project significantly reduces the cost of the official project. Likewise, with the preliminary draft, the exact valuation of the investments can be carried out, to define, ratify, or modify the financial plan.


Examples of removable risks
• Very high investment in conditioning
• Dimensions that prevent future development / Oversized buildings
• Unimproved manufacturing and logistics processes require the construction of two plants
• Basic manufacturing equipment with inappropriate specifications. Times of change
• Capacity not adequate to the needs.
• Oversized warehouse
• Etc


Resolved cases:
• Home appliances
• Elevators
• Injection molds
• Food
• Forging
• Electromedicine
• Buses
• Semi-trailers
• Automotive
• Eolic towers


General flow chart:

Layout (es).png

From DIT Consultoria we can help implement a layout for both a new plant and a redesigned one, with the consideration of:

  • Productive mix and ABC classification of production

  • Capacities / Efficiencies / Changeover times / Main causes of downtime

  • Manufacturing and logistics flows

  • Number of shifts / Saturation

  • Productive resources (Machines / Direct Labor)

  • Stock levels in Raw Material, WIP, Finished Product

  • Etc

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