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Valuekeep is a CMMS software, totally cloud-based, in its current development 3.0

It is intuitive, configurable, and highly customizable. In addition, complemented with the solution: Valuekeep Mobile, day-to-day maintenance operations that can be controlled from anywhere.

Valuekeep is a company dedicated to the development and commercialization of maintenance management solutions (CMMS), with the aim of helping companies to manage assets more efficiently and optimize all maintenance processes.


The implementations are carried out in very short times and our experience in the client's own processes helps to shorten and make the implementation deadlines more reliable. Furthermore, Valuekeep is very flexible in terms of linking with other software (MES-ERP…) via web-api.

We are focused on helping you keep your assets in the best security conditions at the lowest maintenance cost, thus allowing you to have more uptime and longevity of your equipment, and we clearly assume these business drivers.
• Optimize maintenance management
• Improve asset traceability
• increase ROA (Return on Assets)
• Increased productivity


From DIT Consultoria we can help implement maintenance software that manages:
• Requests and work orders
• Asset structure
• Spare parts and inventories
• Contracts
• Workshops and workers
• Suppliers and clients
• Maintenance plans
• Corrective / preventive / condition-based maintenance
• Monitoring and counters

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