We are specialized in the value chain of industrial companies from different sectors: automobiles, buses, automotive auxiliary, semi-trailers, equipment goods, refractory material, food, white goods, consumer electronics, telecommunications, furniture, elevators, steel, etc.

We are very aware of the specific culture of each client and we deal with works in their different national and international centers

We have international orientation with realization of projects in Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Lithuania, Russia, Argentina, Chile, Mexico, United States, India and China.

Our customers say …

“The Company and consultants of the DIT Consulting Group, have defined, directed and collaborated in different projects of Lean Organization and Lean Manufacturing, improving the processes, plans of implementation of the production lines of the Local Werke factories in Zaragoza (Spain), of machines in Zaragoza (Spain), elevator doors in Melun (France), controls and electronics in Locarno (Switzerland), cabins and other components in Mulhouse (France), complete elevators in Ebikon (Switzerland).

In these projects has worked with excellent results of the work teams in significant reduction of delivery times -30%, improvement of deliveries on time OTD to 100%, improvement of indirect costs, inventory reduction and stocks at 50 % and reduction of manufacturing surfaces around 35%, which has determined overall productivity improvements between 25 and 45% “

Vice President Corporate Manufacturing for Europe
“Regarding our experience with Dit Consulting, both in Pamplona (Spain) and Livorno (Italy) we consider that Dit is a company with experience in Lean Production techniques in continuous improvement, with proven results in companies from different sectors, capable of present profitable projects with a pay-back of less than one year. “
Director of Manufacturing for Europe
“With the design and implementation of the Lean Production model in our manufacturing areas, we have achieved significant productivity improvements in a short space of time.

The integral process teams created, are working on continuous improvement with very good results.

We continue to apply this model with success in our technical assistance workshops, in the financial area of ​​costs and in the new manufacturing developments that we are carrying out% “

General Director of Industrial Operations
“Good in knowledge of the SMED methodology, better in implementation Commitment to achieving achievement: goal fulfilled”
Director of the Ballobar Plant
“The improvement is so hackneyed that many companies look at it but they do not see it and the organizations that we see it always have threats when we treat it, such as lack of commitment and resources, poor results, that do not last over time, linked to Sometimes we are blocked by saturation or by the fateful day to day, there are always difficulties for its application and settlement, and for this reason, in the mission of CIE Automotive, we defined ourselves as an industrial group specialized in high added value process management. we seek excellence based on the continuous improvement of them and their efficient management, for that reason we have relied on Dit as partners in this extensive task in the global market. “
Process Technical Director
“In the collaboration with Casbega, Dit Consultoria:

1. Has demonstrated a very important ability to adapt to the needs of the client.

2. It has had high presence in the facilities to be improved, which allows them to know “in situ” the key problems and as a result, lead to an accurate diagnosis.

3. Provide a good Lean Thinking methodology. “

Director of Process Improvement