Who we are?

The DIT Consultoría Group is made up of a team of professionals committed to providing value to our clients and sharing with them the objectives of their company. We try to establish long-term relationships of trust as our references support.

The experience of our professionals after more than 25 years implementing the Lean, is that the eighth waste defined by the Lean (time elapsed since an improvement is detected until it is successfully implemented) is the most difficult to manage / eliminate.

Only 1% of organizations manage to implement the improvements at the necessary pace to achieve transform the operating results of the company.

How we work?

We create mixed client-consultant teams to approach the project and train our staff in our techniques. We establish the transfer of know-how so that the measures implemented are sustainable over time.

Our projects do not remain mere recommendations, but we go into the detail of the solutions and commit ourselves throughout the implementation and achievement of results.

We seek that the proposed solutions have pay backs of less than 1 year and that the measures have a clear impact on the key business indicators.

Differential aspects of our approach

  • Contribution of a large number of concrete engineering techniques of the Adjusted Production System
  • Integration of Lean Manufacturing with: Management by processes / Key suppliers / ERP modules of materials – production – planning
  • Structured methodology to achieve savings in purchases, time to market, process reengineering of the supply chain.
  • Extensive experience in implementing continuous improvement through the corresponding kaizen.
  • Previous diagnostics, without cost for the Client, where the Lean Manufacturing solutions already appear specific for the client’s own problems.
  • We teach Lean courses at the client’s facilities, including practical Kaizen improvement sessions

Our team