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5s program


It consists of the elimination of non-added value operations through organization, simple rules and the application of common sense.

Sieri. Clearance (methodical arrangement)
 - Complete analysis of the position
 - Determine the quantities of supplies and tools needed in position, identification and form of supply. Sort and classify
 - Remove all unnecessary


Seiton. Organization 
 - Identification of the objects of the workplace, so that everything is self-explanatory and facilitates availability and detection of their absence
 - Choose the appropriate placement system
 - Set and comply with placement standards


Seiso. Cleaning.
 - Clean the entire area.
 - Prepare a daily cleaning program for each position
 - Collect all the waste that is generated during the work carried out


Seiketsu. Standardization.
 - The definition of standards is the only way to guarantee the continuity of progress and improvements
 - Develop standards for maintenance and reviewing of work areas
 - The standard must be published in a visible and understandable way


Shitsuke. Discipline
 - Scrupulous application of the rules. Create a habit
 - Development of methods to create efficiency and safety customs, and to preserve these customs once they have been acquired
 - Correction of deviations

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